Hunting party - hunting party

Released mallard shoots at M&M are conducted over two large impoundments on the edge of a natural marsh. The action is fast and furious, offering pass shooting and some decoying shots. If you love action and pulling the trigger, this is for you. You will see hundreds of ducks, and your bag limit is guaranteed . Each of our well-spaced blinds offers a unique shooting experience. The blinds hold up to three hunters, and a guide and dog accompanies each group. Hunters are also welcome to bring their personal dogs. Released mallard shoots start at 9 . or 1 . $255 per person , including a guaranteed bag of 10 ducks $525 per blind for up to 3 hunters, including guaranteed bag of 20 ducks Extra mallards may be harvested for $24 each. Private Duck Shoot $2,595 for up to 18 hunters and a guaranteed bag of 100 ducks

Hunting Party - Hunting PartyHunting Party - Hunting PartyHunting Party - Hunting PartyHunting Party - Hunting Party