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Suzanne Vega (1985 S/T , 1987 Solitude Standing , 1990 Days of Open Hand , 1992 F , 1992 In Liverpool , 1995 Nine Objects of Desire , 2001 Songs in Red and Gray , 2007 Beauty & Crime , 2010 Close-Up, Volume 1: Love Songs , 2010 Close-Up, Volume 2: People & Places , 2011 Close-Up, Volume 3: States of Being , 2012 Close-Up, Volume 4: Songs of Family , 2014 Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles ) — My wife was a big Suzanne Vega fan when we met, and I was familiar with her more popular songs from the MTV days, so we’ve enjoyed being mutual fans as the years have passed. I thought it was a pretty nifty idea of hers to re-record most of her catalog acoustically and release them over a short span from 2010-2012. And for some reason “The Queen & The Soldier” can just wreck me emotionally from its opening line.

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:wumpscut: - Cannibal Anthem:wumpscut: - Cannibal Anthem:wumpscut: - Cannibal Anthem:wumpscut: - Cannibal Anthem