Mel tormé mel torme spotlight on mel torme great gentleman of song

It wasn’t mentioned at the time, but Cole’s version of “The Christmas Song” was the first holiday standard ever introduced by a black American. It opened the door for Lou Rawls, Ray Charles and many others to record their own takes on yuletide classics.

Gaynor is a Freemason . He and his Simple Minds colleague Derek Forbes are members of Lodge Shalom 1600 on the Roll of The Grand Lodge of Scotland . [3] [4]

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No, but bad ways sometimes succeed, too. By that I mean that Show Biz is full of flukes and unlikely turns — I call it the Conan O'Brien Rule — and it's possible to go about things via the illogical, unprecedented way and have it turn out well. It's also possible to strike oil if you go out in your back yard in spiked shoes and jump around but it might not be the best investment of your time and energy.

In his 1994 book My Singing Teachers , Tormé cited Patty Andrews, lead singer of the Andrews Sisters , one of the most successful show business acts of the 1940s, as one of his favorite vocalists, saying, "They had more hit records to their credit than you could count, and one of the main reasons for their popularity was Patty Andrews. She stood in the middle of her sisters, planted her feet apart, and belted out solos as well as singing the lead parts with zest and confidence. The kind of singing she did cannot be taught, it can't be studied in books, it can't be written down. Long experience as a singer and wide-open ears were her only teachers, and she learned her lessons well." [8]

On September 11, 1967, Carol Burnett and her madcap cast took to the airwaves on CBS for a new variety series that combined sketch comedy, singing and dancing. Little did they know that The Carol Burnett Show would become an Emmy Award-winning program and survive the changing tastes of TV audiences to last eleven seasons. On March 29, 1978, the curtain came down for good. The Final Show , billed as A Special Evening with Carol Burnett , takes a two-hour stroll through the show’s glory days. Carol, Vicki and Tim present a video scrapbook of unforgettable moments from their routines and movie spoofs. The love was never more heartfelt than in this long goodbye. 

"'You'd really like the bit where he goes to Spain and sings to King Phillipe who has this bipolar disorder.' And then I started to think: Now that's an interesting story that I haven't heard about, seen."

Mel Tormé Mel Torme Spotlight On Mel Torme Great Gentleman Of SongMel Tormé Mel Torme Spotlight On Mel Torme Great Gentleman Of SongMel Tormé Mel Torme Spotlight On Mel Torme Great Gentleman Of SongMel Tormé Mel Torme Spotlight On Mel Torme Great Gentleman Of Song