Little horn twelve ep

Marvelous Marvin
6:50 Minutes | October 06, 1990
The Slurpo Cat Food Director sees Tom in action chasing Jerry and capturing him. The Director likes the showmanship of Tom and tells him to be at the studio the next day to take over the role of spokes cat for Slurpo Cat Food, replacing Marvelous Marvin. All goes well on the test screening until the contract is signed. Tom stiffs Jerry on the money owed Jerry. Jerry unhappy is approached by the now jobless Marvin and the two hatch a plan to get back at Tom and return Marvin to the spotlight. Jerry turns the tables on Tom during a commercial shot where the Director laments at Tom's amateurish ways and wishes for Marvin back. Conveniently, Marvin shows up and gets back his job with a bigger contract and new co-star, Jerry. In the end, a beaten and broken Tom servers a platter of food to Jerry who is now a megastar with Marvin. Written by Sandy Fries
Characters: Tom, Jerry, Marvin, The Director/Producer
Season 1 Ep 3

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