Trapeze - hold on

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Media response to Trapeze was generally positive. Eder praised the performances of the "core trio" of Galley, Hughes and Holland, who he claimed "[found] a good compromise with Rowley and Jones' more lyrical, psychedelic pop sensibilities", but noted that "it's clear that three of these musicians are holding back to one degree or another in these surroundings". [2] He also highlighted "Fairytale" and "Am I" as the album's standout songs, which he claimed "[pointed] the way to [the band's] future sound" following their reduction to the aforementioned trio. [2] Billboard hailed Trapeze as "a candidate for big chart action", praising the performance in particular of Hughes, highlighting "Send Me No More Letters" and "Fairytale", and praising the band's "strong rock personality" on the record. [7]

Hayley Adamson has ten years of pre-professional classical Ballet training at the Georgia Ballet where she performed in classic productions such as the Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Paquita.

In 2014, she transitioned to Circus Arts and trained in Contortion and Aerial performance in North Carolina, and later at Circus Center in San Francisco. Her performances include aerial dance and acro-balance for original Clan Destiny productions such as “The Wayfarer,” and “Dreamtide”, Fox and Beggar Theatre original productions “Tarocco,” “Aquila,” and “Animalia" among others. Hayley has also performed at Gratifly Music Festival.

Other people and companies have been helping to smash period taboos too. In March, Bristol-based company Coexist introduced a 'period policy' for its female workers, based on the idea that paying attention to employees' monthly menstrual cycle can be "good for business". Meanwhile in February, Superdrug announced it would refund Tampon Tax through its loyalty points system.

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Circus Camp has trained Atlanta kids in the circus arts since 1992. Watch the video and meet the founders of the camp and see the kids of all ages who study the circus arts at Decatur's Circus Camp

This class covers the fundamentals of Static Trapeze. Learn conditioning, drops, contortions, and beats in a fun & exciting setting. Static Trapeze is one of the oldest circus apparatuses and also one of the most versatile. The skills and technique you learn on trapeze will make you see all other aerial apparatuses in a different light. Weekly attendance is encouraged to promote progressive learning and to build on an entire sequence over time — however, drop-ins are also welcome.

Including Spider’s web, Round up the Sheep, Shark Island, Mind the Landmines, and many more activities that help groups to communicate, take charge, leadership, use logic, identify strengths, develop comradre, team cohesiveness, think outside the box, identify the various competencies within the group and promote confidence in individuality.

Trapeze - Hold OnTrapeze - Hold OnTrapeze - Hold OnTrapeze - Hold On