Wade hill lonesome old song

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According to the arson investigation, the fire originated inside building 74, which was a sign shop. This building backed up to an entertainment venue and was located on Kansas Street across from the sound stage. A show had just finished at this venue and the crowd was heading south on Front Street, being escorted by the actors from the show. Within minutes, flames were discovered inside the sign shop and security radioed the front gate. The front gate immediately called 911. In the mean time, someone pulled a fire hose from just north of this location (located outside the Rio Bravo Jail building). When it was discovered that the hose was not long enough, it was dropped and another hose was pulled from the area of Chinese Alley. However, the original hose was not turned off, which bled off the pressure to the second hose. 300 guests and employees were forced to evacuate the park. Tucson Estates Fire Department arrived in less than 10 minutes with one truck and two firemen. However, by this time the fire had progressed too quickly to be suppressed by this basic equipment. A multiple alarm call was put out to dispatch as many fire units as possible. This began the deployment of 100 pieces of equipment and over 200 firefighters from every fire department in the Tucson metro area, including Davis Monthan Air Force Base and the Arizona National Guard. [2]

On November 11, 2011, band member Sammy Shelor was awarded the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Bluegrass and Banjo. [2] Shelor was presented with the award on the Late Show with David Letterman . Following the presentation of the award, Steve Martin performed with the Lonesome River Band.

Wade Hill Lonesome Old Song