Dimensional sound dimensional sounds disco gold #6: top tunes of today

David Correa et al. is working with wood composite materials that change shape based on their printed grain direction and anisotropic swelling when water is absorbed. This work is 3D printed and studied on the macro scale rather than micro scale, with layer heights at fractions of millimeters rather than microns. The filament used in this research is a wood composite which is 60% co-polyester and 40% cellulose. The co-polyester binds the cellulose together while the cellulose provides the hygroscopic properties to the composite. Two methods have been developed for this kind of printing. The first method uses only the wood composite material. Designed deformation shape is printed by controlling the grain pattern, grain orientation, print layer thickness, and print layer interaction. In this method, hygroscopic bending occurs perpendicular to the grain direction. The second method uses both the wood composite as well as standard 3D printing plastics. This is an extension of the first method that introduces a separate layer of non-hygroscopic material that will not swell when exposed to water. This idea builds off of previous research of thermal bimetal properties based on their relative expansion. Hygroscopic bending occurs only within the wood composite layers when prints of this method are exposed to water. Therefore, deformation shape is a product of both the patterning of material layers as well as the grain of the wood composite layers, offering quicker and more severe deformation than wood composite construction alone. Both methods allow their materials to deform when subject to moisture, as well as regain their shape. The quickest method observed for shape change is by fully submerging prints in warm water. [9]

We structure broadly diversified portfolios that emphasize the dimensions of higher expected returns, while addressing the tradeoffs that arise when executing portfolios.

The 3D framework empowers coaches at all levels to fulfill their transformational purpose by helping them become fundamentally sound, skilled at coaching the mind, and focused on developing the heart.

Initially, two-dimensional symbologies were developed for applications where only a small amount of space was available for an automatic ID symbol. The first application for such symbols was unit-dose packages in the healthcare industry. These packages were small and had little room to place a bar code. The electronics industry also showed an early interest in very high density bar codes, and two-dimensional symbologies since free space on electronics assemblies was scarce.

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This sound meditation is excerpted from a live recording of Tom chanting the mantra of White Tara, a Tibetan goddess and Bodhisattva of Compassion.

When you generate an increase of light-flows within the pituitary gland and the endocrine system, you release a potent and powerful purification. Each of you has your own comfort zone in this.
For some of you, listening to the Attunement once a day will be all you can comfortably handle. Others may feel drawn to listen to it multiple times.

Dimensional Sound Dimensional Sounds Disco Gold #6: Top Tunes Of TodayDimensional Sound Dimensional Sounds Disco Gold #6: Top Tunes Of TodayDimensional Sound Dimensional Sounds Disco Gold #6: Top Tunes Of TodayDimensional Sound Dimensional Sounds Disco Gold #6: Top Tunes Of Today