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The good news about the deathstalker, which skitters around the deserts of the Middle East flexing its vicious little pinchers, is that its name is mostly marketing. Sure, the Deathstalker's sting is the worst of any scorpion on Earth, but it very unlikely to kill you. The bad news is that a Deathstalker sting is still going to hurt—a lot. Does that mean people do the sensible thing and avoid these green and yellow varmints, which can reach 4 inches in length? Nope. Oddly enough, many people actually keep Deathstalkers as pets.

According to new reports, Tarantino pitched as Star Trek film to JJ Abrams and Paramount. The director then met with a writers room containing Mark L. Smith, Lindsey Beer, and Drew Pearce. Deadline says Smith appears to the frontrunner to nab the film’s scripting gig, and that is not all. If the reports are correct, then Tarantino is requiring his Star Trek project be R-rated, and Paramount agreed to the condition.

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Various - The Tarantino ConnectionVarious - The Tarantino ConnectionVarious - The Tarantino ConnectionVarious - The Tarantino Connection