Gazpacho - firebird

The Ninth Doctor saw the Eleventh Doctor when he hijacked a giant television screen in New Vegas to tell the Ninth Doctor to save the life of Police Chief James McNeil . By this point, the Doctor could identify his future incarnation on sight. ( AUDIO : Night of the Whisper )

A major statement from Whiteknight Records of their commitment to the future of Progressive Rock, the finest exponents Salva, Peter Jones of Tigermoth Tales and Steve Thorne display their talents to the full.

In 2003 the band released their first proper album Bravo , which contained five of the six tracks off the album, and six new compositions. Utilizing the possibilities of the Internet the band had teamed up with the American singer/songwriter fellow Make-A-Star contestee Esther Valentine and New Zealand producer Peter Kearns. Valentine sang a duet with Ohme on the song "Novgorod" (which she also co-wrote) and Kearns produced two of the tracks off Bravo . Bravo gained the band more international acclaim, [16] [17] [18] with Dutch leading music magazine Oor stating "their debut album is a rare beauty"

Gazpacho - FirebirdGazpacho - FirebirdGazpacho - FirebirdGazpacho - Firebird