Joe cocker - stingray

3. Fender Jazz Bass
Leo sure must have loved jazz and as any of us in the guitar business know, you ain’t gonna make a million dollars selling instruments made for jazz. But, Leo’s second offering in the world of basses was sure a home run. Unlike his Jazzmaster which was as unjazzy an instrument as you can possibly imagine, the Jazz Bass actually sounded great playing jazz. Legendary jazz player Ron carter played a JB with great style and dignity, but it was Jaco Pastorius that brought the Jazz Bass to another level. Jaco utilizing the back pickup on his defretted JB created a lyrical smooth sound that was truly magical. Years later another bass master the great Marcus Miller played the Jazz Bass with great distinction. Rock players as well enjoy the J Bass, like Geddy Lee, Dave Brown (Santana) and John Paul Jones.

Don’t forget the awful slide safety that is terrible to work ergonomically and loves to flick off if the holster doesn’t have a retention strap covering the safety and hammer. It’s probably the worst CCW gun ever, because it isn’t. The military bought off on them because it has a stupid safety, it has a manual safety, and it’s DA/SA. This guy is totally lying when he said everybody in his family carries the same one.

Joe Cocker - StingrayJoe Cocker - StingrayJoe Cocker - StingrayJoe Cocker - Stingray