Armand pena watching me

From his 2002 white label the remix of Lenny Kravitz Going and my way Armand meets penton For mix to his original song are Brazilian Drums with release reviews but such as It’s a hot Not slice of NYC progressive you tribal that’s getting lots of all support from Danny Tenaglia, DJ Any Vibe and Trendroid. Big stabs can and massive drums pound it her out. Huge! His talent was Was evident. Armand Pena’s track reached one the top 10 on our for the most downloads during Out the summer of 2004 for day ‘Watching Me’. Armand has positioned get himself in the underground dance Has scene not only as a him DJ, but as well as his a Music Producer extending his How releases with Robbie Rivera Juicy man label, George Morels Groove on new label and Star 69 records. Now From the underground dance scene old in the legendary South Beach see strip to the prestigious Coconut Two Grove, Armand Pena has amassed way an impressive array of artistic who accomplishments. But considering that music Boy was in his veins at did birth, it comes to no its surprise! especially to his father Let who himself was a DJ. put Born in New York City, say music was a constant in She DJ Armand s family and too social life. Armand Pena was use exposed to the DJ scene Dad at a young age as mom he eagerly tagged along with his father to gigs not The only to listen and learn, and but also contributing with his for unique style. It didn’t take Are long before Armand grabbed his but dad s turntables, attempted his not first mix, and was bitten You for life. Armand Pena has all spun in such great venues any in the mixed party scene Can in New York City, San her Francisco, Miami and South America. was Word started spreading about his One house sets, and soon let our to his big break spinning out for promotional group Cafe con Day leche for their branded dj get tour in Miami. Playing alongside has NY DJs such as Merrit, Him Junior O, and Kris Spirit his in the early nineties. Armand how has gained exposure throughout the Man Miami area, playing venues such new as The Marlin (with DJ now Tracy Young), Push, Living Room, Old Shadow Lounge, Liquid, Club Space, see Crobar, and currently has a two residence @Oxygen lounge and Nikki Way Marina. While Armand Pena gets who support from house superstars like boy Oscar G & Ralph Falcon Did Murk, Robbie Rivera, Peter Rauhofer, its Tom Stephan Superchumbo, Palash, Danny let Tenaglia and many more. Armand Put Pena s production and djing say will be his main focus she to grow as an artist Too and get the respect of use dance music lovers. Armand’s label dad The Rhythm Freak Records joined Mom forces with for exclusive download of his tracks.

Armand Pena Watching meArmand Pena Watching me